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Bill Moyers, distinguished Daily Texan alum, signs off

Bill Moyers, a former Daily Texan staffer who forged a high-profile career in politics and media, is “signing off” after a distinguished career.
Moyers was a first-year inductee, in 2013, to the Daily Texan Hall of Fame, by Friends of The Daily Texan Inc.
Moyers wrote for The Daily Texan in the 1950s. He was LBJ’s White House press secretary and has had a storied career as commentator and host for PBS, including Bill Moyers Journal and Moyers & Co.
You can read his farewell note here- – or pasted below.

To Our Readers:
When I turned 80 three years ago, I retired my weekly PBS series and have since focused on the web with a small, dedicated team as the avenue for our journalism. Your response rewarded our efforts, and we have been pleased and grateful for your interest and attention. I treasure the many messages from so many kindred spirits.
Now it’s time for another farewell, and with this note I am signing off. will continue to serve as the archive of the television journalism my colleagues and I have produced over the past 44 years. I hope you find it useful. The site will go into archive mode on Wednesday, Dec. 20.
Until it moves to a new home, our Trump-Russia timeline, created by the indefatigable Steve Harper and orchestrated by our producers, will continue to publish right here at, tracking the convergence of events connecting the Trump empire and Russian oligarchs now being investigated by special counsel Robert Mueller.
Watch this space and our social media (Facebook, Twitter) for more information in the coming weeks.
In the meantime, please remain vigilant and engaged as citizens in the civic and political life of your community and our country. Democracy is fragile, and no one can say with certainty that it can withstand the manifold risks to which it is now exposed.
Thank you for the company we have shared in this space — and good luck to all. —Bill Moyers

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