An association for alumni and supporters of The Daily Texan, student newspaper at the University of Texas at Austin

How We Help

The Friends of The Daily Texan’s mission and goals are outlined here.

Friends of The Daily Texan is run by an all-volunteer board, with several volunteer-run working committees: Digital Transition, Liaison, Outreach & Development and Governance.

  • The Digital Transition committee is focused on helping the Texan find new ways to make money from the website. John Reetz is the head of this committee can be contacted at
  • The Liaison Committee is tasked with enhancing the lines of communication between The Daily Texan, Texas Student Media and this alumni group to ensure we are offering services and assistance that are beneficial to The Daily Texan.
  • Outreach & Development is focused on membership and fundraising for Friends of The Daily Texan as well as planning the events, including the Texan Hall of Fame Awards.
  • The Governance committee is responsible for the legal and administrative tasks of Friends of The Daily Texan.

The Friends of The Daily Texan is currently engaged in raising money through membership dues, donations and fundraising events, in support of the recently created Friends of The Daily Texan Innovation Fund.  Our annual goal will be a substantial five-figure amount. Then it’s up to our board to decide the best way to donate to The Texan in a way that aligns with our mission, with  disbursements being made after discussion with Texas Student Media, The Daily Texan and Moody College.

Among the ideas the board may consider:

  • Paying for the development of audience enhancement tools, such as mobile and tablet applications
  • Purchasing technology/hardware i.e. new computers
  • Direct gift to The Texan
  • Boosting staff salaries or offering stipends
  • Paying for staff travel/training for both editorial and advertising/circulation staff

  We’re also still soliciting ideas, both big and small, traditional or out-of-the box, for how to help the Texan. Submit your ideas to with the subject line “Save the Texan.”